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Field Reps

Meet our exceptional team of field representatives eager to connect with you.


Meet Luke Engbrecht, our Scale Operator and Field Sales Rep! Luke has been with Mitchell Livestock since the spring of 2017. Luke has a passion for connecting with local farmers/producers and continuously learning from his experiences.

Luke's role allows him to observe and understand the different approaches of producers. His expertise in numbers is an asset, complemented by the collective wisdom of MLM's yard staff and the field sales representative team, all possessing a wealth of hands-on experience with producers and their livestock.

Outside of Mitchell Livestock, Luke's life enjoys his family and parenthood, attending sporting events for his children. In addition to his roles at Mitchell Livestock, Luke is also a farmer and cattle owner.

Luke brings a blend of practical experience, a passion for learning, and a commitment to family and farming to his multifaceted role at MLM. His contributions to the auction and his interactions with local farmers is invaluable within the Mitchell Livestock community.

Luke Engbrecht

(605) 471-9954


Meet Mark Huls, our Field Representative at Mitchell Livestock! Mark has been with Mitchell Livestock for 5 ½ years. When Mark joined the MLM Team, he brought with him an impressive 18 years experience as a Field Representative. 

What sets Mark apart is his genuine enjoyment of meeting new customers and nurturing relationships with established ones. The art of maintaining connections is not just a job for Mark; it's a passion. His focus on prompt payment is a testament to his commitment to ensuring a smooth and efficient process, with numerous buyers actively participating in on-site and online bidding for cattle.

Mark and his wife have seven children. He continues to farm and ranch alongside one of his sons, leaving very little free time. Outside of work, Mark enjoys high school and college sports (especially supporting SDSU, his Alma mater), hunting, late-season pheasant hunting with local groups, and golf during the warm season. Mark brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his role as a Field Representative at Mitchell Livestock.

Mark Huls


Meet Preston Bruma, a Market Rep who has been an integral part of Mitchell Livestock since November 1996! 

For Preston, it's the people that make each day at Mitchell Livestock special. Whether interacting with customers or collaborating with fellow employees, the sense of camaraderie is what Preston values most. 

Preston's expertise and availability set him apart. His commitment to keeping his phone always on reflects his dedication to addressing customer needs promptly and efficiently. In the fast-paced world of livestock marketing, this accessibility is a testament to his commitment to excellent service.

Outside of Mitchell Livestock, Preston enjoys spending quality time with his family and hunting.

Preston's long-standing tenure, dedication to customer service, and passion for the outdoors make him an invaluable asset to Mitchell Livestock. 

Preston Burma


Meet Jeff Ebersdorfer, a member of the Mitchell Livestock team, contributing for an impressive 19 years in various roles such as Field Rep, Sorter, Ring Man, and more. Jeff's multi-faceted expertise has made him an indispensable part of the MLM family.

What sets Jeff apart is his genuine enjoyment of every aspect of his work. From interacting with good cattle to collaborating with excellent employees and engaging with valued customers. His passion lies not just in the livestock but in the people and the professional atmosphere that defines the auction.

Outside of MLM, Jeff enjoys ranching, hunting, and above all, spending quality time with his family.

Jeff Ebersdorfer


Meet Val Luckett, our Fieldman and has also worked the ring on sale days for 17 years! 

What drives Val is the opportunity to collaborate with customers and the dedicated crew at MLM.

Val takes pride in MLM's status as a top-tier auction facility, boasting top buyers from several states. The combination of a top-of-the-line facility and a skilled staff contributes to the success and reputation of MLM. Val's commitment to excellence is evident in his involvement with a complete auction business, including live and online auctions, as well as real estate transactions.

Outside of MLM, Val enjoys working with his own livestock, hunting and spending quality time with his family, especially his grandkids.

Val Luckett


Meet Lanning Edwards, our Auctioneer and Fieldman! Lanning has been with Mitchell Livestock for 35 years and is an essential part of the Mitchell Livestock family

For Lanning, the heart of the job lies in the camaraderie with fellow employees and the interactions with customers. With a strong emphasis on customer service, Lanning believes that the clientele is the lifeblood of the business.

Outside of Mitchell Livestock, Lanning enjoys spending time with his wife, whether it's driving  the countryside to visit customers or on travel adventures. 

Lanning is dedicated and passionate about customer service, as well as the livestock industry. Mitchell Livestock owes much of its success to Lanning's contributions, making him an indispensable part of the auction's rich history.

Lanning Edwards

John "Chip" Wosje

Don Stange

Marion Rus

Office Staff

Meet our exceptional office staff, ready to promptly address any inquiries you may have.


Meet Lisa Christopher, our Office Manager at MLM! Lisa has been with the MLM team for 13 years. 

What Lisa enjoys the most about her role is the opportunity to connect with the families that walk through MLM's doors. Over the years, she has had the privilege of observing young children grow up and follow in their parents' footsteps, carrying on the tradition of a farm family legacy. 

Lisa credits MLM's success to its dedicated employees who work tirelessly to ensure the best outcomes for the customer. Lisa acknowledges the exceptional leadership from the owners of MLM that fosters a culture of excellence.

Outside of work, Lisa finds joy in spending time with her family, outdoor activities, and trying new adventures. 

Office Phone: (605) 996-6543

Fax: (605) 996-6491


Lisa Christopher


Meet Hannah Spelbring, our Office Assistant at MLM! Hannah has been with MLM for 7 years. Her role involves fostering connections with buyers and sellers each week, providing assistance and support in any way possible.

What sets Hannah apart is the personalized touch she brings to her work. She takes pride in offering assistance, ensuring that everyone feels valued and supported throughout their experience.

Outside the office, Hannah enjoys a passion shared with her dad—raising and selling horses. This connection to agriculture and the equestrian world mirrors her commitment to the livestock industry. Balancing her love for work and family, Hannah also enjoys spending quality time with friends and loved ones.

Hannah Spelbring

Office Phone: (605) 996-6543

Fax: (605) 996-6491


Yard Help

We will see you in the back at loadout.


Meet William Downing, our Load Out Manager at Mitchell Livestock! Although he initially worked for a year and a half, he's recently returned and has been making an impact in the recent weeks.

William finds enjoyment in his role, especially during the late-night load-outs. There's something about the quiet of the night and the rhythm of loading that resonates with him. Outside of MLM, William enjoys shoeing horses. 

William's dedication to ensuring truckers get loaded at any hour reflects the round-the-clock service that contributes to the smooth functioning of Mitchell Livestock.

William Downing


Meet Byron Tollefson, our Yard Manager at Mitchell Livestock! Byron’s expertise plays a crucial role in maintaining the smooth operations of the yard.

Not only does Byron demonstrate professionalism, but he's also integrated his personal life into Mitchell Livestock. In 2021, Byron and his wife chose the very place they both hold dear to tie the knot, by exchanging their vows at Mitchell Livestock! This connection speaks volumes about Byron's affection for Mitchell Livestock.

Byron takes pride in ensuring the efficient handling of livestock and the coordination of activities within the yard. His attention to detail and leadership contribute significantly to the overall performance of Mitchell Livestock.

Byron Tollefson


Meet Kerry Royalty, our pen-back calling, check-in, and load-out operations specialist! 

Kerry has been a part of Mitchell Livestock since childhood, attending sales from a young age and she brings passion and understanding of the livestock industry. Working with customers and co-workers, Kerry enjoys creating a positive experience for all involved. 

Kerry loves spending time with her children, Samantha and Austin. She also enjoys horses, and outside of Mitchell Livestock, she competes in barrel races, and O-mok-see events. 

Because of her commitment to customers and passion for the livestock industry, Kerry is an integral part of Mitchell Livestock’s success story.

Kerry Royalty


Meet our Auctioneers. 


Meet Travis Holck, our Auctioneer at Mitchell Livestock! Travis has been bringing his passion and expertise to the auction floor for the past 3 ½ years. 

Travis enjoys the connections he builds with customers. Building relationships with those who walk through the doors transforms the job into more than just work. Seeing the hard work of customers come full circle is a source of fulfillment. 

What sets Mitchell Livestock apart, according to Travis, is the unwavering care and dedication of the entire staff. Regardless of the size of the consignment, every customer is valued, and each team member is committed to providing the best assistance at the market.

Outside of MLM, Travis and his wife enjoy spending time with their 3-year-old daughter. Their shared love for horses extends beyond family time—they actively compete in team penning and sorting events across the country. Horses and cattle are not just part of their work; they are an integral aspect of their lifestyle.

Travis's passion for the livestock marketing industry is evident in his eagerness to sell livestock every day. He actively seeks opportunities to enhance his skills by participating in auctioneer contests and observing different markets and auctioneers.

Travis Holck


Meet Wade Leist, our Auctioneer at Mitchell Livestock! Wade’s journey with the MLM began in late 2018. After a brief hiatus in the spring of 2019, Wade returned to MLM in the fall of 2020, primarily working from October to June each year. Wade's passion is evident in his deep appreciation for the customers at MLM. To Wade, it is a privilege to work with generations of cattlemen within ranching and farming families. Wade takes pride in recognizing the year-round efforts of these families and strives to secure the absolute best market value for their cattle. One aspect that sets Mitchell Livestock apart for Wade is the quality of the facility and the meticulous care given to customer cattle. The attention to detail, from the absence of bent gates or busted hinges to the expertise of the employees in handling and caring for the cattle, reflects the commitment to excellence at every step of the process. Wade’s commitment to improvement is showcased through his participation in livestock auctioneer contests. Wade has not only won prestigious titles such as the Greater Midwest Livestock Auctioneer Championship and the International Livestock Auctioneer Championship but has also consistently ranked among the top 10 in the World Livestock Auctioneer Championship. Wade sees competition as an avenue for improvement, recognizing that his growth directly contributes to the betterment of the market for customers. Wade travels to Mitchell every week, from Michigan. He and his wife Sarah have four daughters. Wade expresses gratitude for his family's understanding and support, acknowledging that his time away is a testament to his commitment to the livestock industry and the customers he serves at Mitchell Livestock.

Wade Leist

Office Info

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1162

Mitchell, South Dakota 5730


1801 E. Spruce St.
Mitchell, South Dakota 5730

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