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Videoing Cattle



Have a clean space

Clean up all feed sacks, and trash, and move all vehicles.

Keep Your Videos Shorter than 1 Minute

Take a few different videos

Hold your phone vertically

Filter cattle by you slowly


String a line of feed, cubes, etc. to get the cattle to line up and settle down


Zooming will lower video quality and switching depth mid video makes the video hard to watch

Do NOT zoom in and out

Shooting into the sun hurts the quality of the video

Do NOT shoot into the sun

Do NOT have people in the video

Do NOT have a vehicle or vehicle
mirrors in the video

Switch camera app setting to videos in 1080p HD at 60 fps

Switching your camera app settings to record videos in 1080p HD at 60 frames per second (fps) offers a superior visual experience. The higher resolution ensures crystal-clear clarity, capturing details with precision. This combination enhances the overall quality of your recordings, making them more engaging and professional. 
> Open up the Camera app
> Switch to Video mode
> In the upper right corner, tap between 30 and 60
to adjust the frames captured per second
Android Device
> Open up the Camera app
> Switch to Video mode
> Then tap on the recording settings to open up a list of resolutions and fps values

Submit A Video

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